Stairwell Paintings

IMG_6362 (2)

I love painting large canvases. I get them from the local Habitat Restore and recycle them into my own creations. The problem is, I don’t have places to hang all of them. A couple of years ago, I ask one of the town officials in Waxhaw if I could hang some of them in an old stirwell. I was able to hang several of them. Everyone who goes up and down gets to enjoy them. Much better than sitting in my garage collecting dust.

Large paintings hanging

Free showing for all to see

on stairwell landings

IMG_6365 (2).JPG

IMG_6357 (2).JPG


Paintings by: Dwight L.Roth

44 thoughts on “Stairwell Paintings

      • Of course, I understand. You don’t paint to sell any more than I write to sell. It’s a way to express your creativity. If someone likes your work enough to pay for it, that’s an extra bonus. But, it’s not expected, right? Some artists and writers have to sell their work… it’s their livelihood. I feel blessed that I do not have that pressure.

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  1. Those canvasses lighten up every journey up and down the stairs. If one wasn’t yet convinced of the benefits of walking the stairs instead of taking the elevator, these painting should do the trick. I especially like the bottem one. All that colour and the house with the smoking chimney. I want to live there.

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