You’ve Got….?

EER_0397 (2).JPG

When I look at mailboxes, I wonder if they too will go the way of obsolescence! With the advent of smart phones, snail mail becomes slow and tedious.  With the touch of a finger, we read texts and messages in real time. About the only thing we get in the box any longer is junk mail, bills, and ads that get thrown into the recycle bin. Now, the mail delivery person is delivering packages, just like UPS and Fedex! Our grandchildren will look at mailboxes and wonder why on earth we kept them around.

Cards and letters cheer

my heart // sent with caring love

Fade away with time


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

23 thoughts on “You’ve Got….?

  1. I have alwasys enjoyed receiving mail since i was a kid……..i try to send cards out to friends at least several times a year…… it is really special to receive something other then a bill or junk. 🙂

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  2. We had a mailbox just like the one in your photo when I was a young girl. I wondered about the the number of letters people received on a given day. I remember how happy our neighbor would get when she received a letter from her son who was deployed to Vietnam. I hope we don’t loose the art of letter writing. I love to get cards. e-cards for me just do not count. I loved your Haiku.

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