Peace of Mind

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“What brings you peace of mind and cleanses your spirit?” This was our question for the d’Verse Poets Pub poetics this evening. For me it is not just one particular thing. I love sitting under the trees and watching nature hum all around me. Music soothes my soul, both listening and playing music on my guitar with others. I love going to the Nursing Home each week where I read stories and play music and sing with them. I always come away renewed! But, I have found that posting on my blog each day brings me the most peace of mind. If I have been busy all day, all that mind clutter goes away when I sit in my chair and begin writing a poem and finding a photo or two that I can add to it. Sometimes it is the other way around. If I have no particular inspiration, I look through my photo files and am always able to find inspiration. Connecting with all of you is most rewarding. It is not so much the likes on my posts, but the comments and personal interactions that make what I do here worthwhile. So, for that I say thank you for your support and encouragement.

Sharing thoughts with you
Connecting with such great friends
Brings joy to my soul

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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68 thoughts on “Peace of Mind

  1. Hmm . .. nature always renews me, especially what I call big nature — oceans, mountains, waterfalls, storms. A good book or poem (like many of yours) helps me relax. I can’t say blogging relaxes me; on the contrary, I find it stimulating. Haha.

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    • My photo today showed a patch of colorful Thank you Carol Anne for reading my posts. I feel a connection to you. Your blindness has made me become more aware of how I present my posts. Zinnias growing along the side of my house. They were yellow, red, pink, blue and orange. The butterflies love come to feed from them. Also I have a little green hummingbird that loves the colorful flowers.

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      • How are amazing, I love butterflies, and hummingbirds, I wish I could see one we don’t have them here in Ireland are they small? I feel a connection to you to Dwight I really relate to your work

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      • We have yellow swallowtails that are yellow beige in color and have a black outline around the outer wings. Some have blue spot at the bottom of their thorax and on the tail. They are about as big as the inside of your hand. We also have black ones that have blue on the lower regions as well. They vary in size from half as big as your palm up the same size as the yellow ones. The humming bird is about 4 to 6 cm long with a beak the same length. The wings keep moving constantly when feeding.

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  2. I agree that one of the best things of having a blog is the connection and interaction with fellow bloggers all over the globe. It makes the world smaller and my world bigger. It’s inspiring, fun and not seldom educational. So yes, I wholeheartedly say thank you to you Dwight and to all the other good folks being so kind to let me have a share in the communication.

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  3. Dwight the poetry community at dVerse and other poetry and story hubs are wonderful places to connect with kindred spirits that encourage and support one another. It’s been a true blessing for me since retiring last year. I know I enjoy your poetry and photos ❤

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  4. What a beautiful and heartwarming post you shared with us, Dwight. I feel the joy of everything you mention gives you peace. It sings right within me.
    I do agree that the comments – communication between us via the posts
    are very rewarding and brings so many new feelings of friendship.


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  5. I really appreciate this post. Peace of mind is very valuable. We live in critical times hard to deal with today, so finding a avenue that gives us a measure of peace, is really important to have. My peace of mind comes from God, knowing that I have Him to guide my footsteps, and help me through any of my everyday stressors or anxieties. The peace that He gives me surpasses all human understanding. Philippians 4:6,7

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