Heat Wave

IMG_7319 (2)

Temperatures rising
Europe is having a heat wave
Looking for relief
Cows and people love water
Cooling off under shade trees
Swim as ships pass by
Skinny-dipping man chillin’
Right next to our ship!

IMG_7318 (2)

IMG_7299 (3)

EER_0143 (3)

Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Our prompt from Lillian today at d’Verse was temperature! It is getting hot, hot, hot, this summer! When we were on our trip up the Rhine, temperatures were in the mid 90s F. It was still a very enjoyable trip. We stayed in the shade as much as possible. All along the river people were camping and swimming finding relief from the heat.

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46 thoughts on “Heat Wave

  1. Nice pics! I’m assuming it was a river cruise? Have always wanted to do one….so very different from our ocean cruises.
    Timely post as I’ve been reading about record temps across Europe. Global warming … yep….not a hoax!

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  2. Ah, yes the heat of summer. We had a bit of a break here in AZ yesterday- a big monsoon! Today is overcast and a prediction of more to some. We so needed it. Great poem and photos Dwight!


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