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Traveling up the Rhine River, we passed through several locks, where the ship enters and is raised to a higher level. We went through most of them at night, but on this evening we came to a lock just before sunset. It was an interesting experience to see the water filling the lock and watch us rise. The opposite doors slowly opened and we moved on up the river just as the sun was setting.  It reminded me of life.

Rocks in our life stream…
Pause // close the door behind you
Let good friends lift you;
Move to a higher level
Let negative pain behind.
Summer sun drops low…
Enjoy the evening orange hues
Tomorrow // new day


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Posted on https://dversepoets.com open link night!

22 thoughts on “Locks

  1. I always knew you would write a poem about those golden locks, waters cascading through sun drenched apertures to lift your boat. Why it is absolutely scandalous…! 😉
    Seriously, after actually reading the poem, I must concur it is wonderful, so good to hear the positivity AND the living in the moment, as doors close behind us, we are actually lifted to a greater reality, The now… to which the future and the past cannot hold a candle because the present is the only one of the three that is not a phantom.
    Why not enjoy the orange hues of evening. Thank you Dwight, and please excuse my silliness.

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