Wooden Shoe

EER_0403 (2).JPG

What does the little boy do who lives in the mill
Watching blades turn and water pump;
Does he dream of sailing seas to far away lands
as his wooden shoe sailboat rests on mirrored glass?


He lives on a mound surrounded by water and flowers
With hayfields and redfox-horses to share the polder beyond

EER_0407 (2)

A solitary life with parents and siblings it seems
Goats in a pen and big cabbages to hoe as vegetables grow


What does the little boy dream with his toes in the stream
Perhaps his dreams are the same as yours and mine you know

EER_0399 (2)

Wooden shoes sit in a row waiting for night to pass
The sailboat shoe sits quietly on mirrored glass.

EER_0403 (2)

Photos of Kinderdjik: Dwight L. Roth

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