There was a time…

Dwight's student as B'water Elem 001 (2)

There was a time when learning was fun
When learning went beyond books and tests
Actually using their mind to solve real life situations

Bridgewater Elementary - terrariam (2)

Observing creatures in their natural settings
Watching bugs and frogs and a preying mantis
Creating an egg sac that later produced hundreds
When our children are all made out of ticky-tacky
And they all learn just the same // every child scoring
Higher and higher // or the teacher we will fire
What will happen when they face real world problems?
Perhaps Siri, Cortina, or Alexa will have the answers!


Photos of may students in my early years of teaching. Since then times have changed and our focus seems to be on test results rather than well rounded students. Perhaps this will change as the cycle goes round and round.

For a wonderful example of what real learning can be, check out Forest Kids Learning. It is a fabulous program that does a wonderful job of hand-on learning!

17 thoughts on “There was a time…

  1. So true. I spent many years as a Homeschool Mom for the same reasons. My youngest entered public school in 9th grade after after 8 years of Homeschooling. After 3 weeks they contacted me that three of his classes had to be switched to advanced. All kids do learn different and what works for one won’t work for all. I’m happy I grew up in the era of playing equals learning. Today’s kids seem so stressed by a environment of constant test studying.

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  2. Yes. And it can still be today. Just be the parents and do what’s best for your children. Think for yourselves. Listen to common sense. One veteran said it so aptly. Children are gifts to parents, on loan from God. Don’t over think. See and understand. Yes, some things like math and history need to be taught, our Constitution and how this country came to be very important. Talk to veterans, and let the kids listen. Read the old literature, including Washington’s own words, then discuss the foundations for those words. Act out plays. Watch old documentaries. Build bird houses. Use the math for practical applications. Go camping. Let the kids discover a world outside television, the internet, the youtube. Pets. Family Fun Time. Chores. Trim those hedges. Paint the house together. Cook together. Talk. Laugh. Be serious. Consequences. A small lemonade stand business. Learning without application: what’s the point. Discover.

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    • In practice, it doesn’t matter what others think. You are living a real life. You’re living with understanding because that’s how the good Lord made you. It’s his understanding in you. Those who wish to understand will see you as an example. Just by living honestly, you will never know the positive effects on others. It doesn’t matter whether you are aware of it or not. And possibly, you might meet one or two, who one day say thank you.

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      • You might be surprised how many do appreciate. It’s just that, most people don’t say anything. It’s not that they don’t appreciate. It’s just that telling someone they do is not the societal norm. We just figure people ought to do their best. Over the years, I’ve had a few come back and tell me they appreciated the effort I put into educating them. But I’ve always told the students, when they succeed, they succeed. I never take credit. I was “gifted” with a growing ability to “see” how to teach, and I’ve met some fine teachers, a couple whom I can’t even compete with, not that I would want to. We simply do what we do, the kids learn, and we go our separate ways. My hopes is their learning carries to others. Pay it forward.

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