When Trees Are Gone

EER_0532 (2)

With the economy booming in our area, more and more trees are being cleared to make room for new housing developments. There is no attempt to save the existing trees. Everything is stripped to bare ground, ground up and hauled away. Giant machines turn fifty year old trees into wood chips in a matter of minutes.

What happens when we remove so many trees from our environment? Wildlife gets condensed into smaller and smaller areas. Birds lose their annual nesting locations, and more and more deer are killed by the on slot of cars brought on by development. There appears to be little or no effort to create better highways to accomodate the increased vehicles. We wonder why climate change is bringing warmer weather. Could it be that we take little thought for the tree we are so eager to discard.

Trees cry tears and leaves

Chipper turns years into chips

Earth struggles to breathe

EER_0542 (2)

EER_0580 (2)


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

This post was inspired by one done by Kym Gordon Moore discussing the same subject.



24 thoughts on “When Trees Are Gone

  1. Why does development always win and trees always lose? When you think about trees taking our carbon dioxide in as food and releasing it as air for us to breathe, to me it seems the reverse of the process of a person who smokes cigarettes, where the smoke displaces oxygen and kills the alveoli in the lungs, which exchanges carbon dioxide waste in the body for oxygen. Like a person with emphysema, where the alveoli are replaced with empty space and no possibility of exchange, our Tree Alveoli are being destroyed without a second thought. Local boards, commissions, and state environmental protection agencies have got to pull their heads out of the money sign clouds. We have to FIGHT to save our planet because the monsters racing to destroy it aren’t going to stop.

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  2. It’s heart-breaking to see Dwight and so unneccessary. With better planning and protection of existing trees a kinder way can be found for people to live in harmony with the natural environment 💚

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