(Wo)man in the Moon

Mary Frances Picture (2)

Moonlit reflection left on the leaf covered ground
The (Wo)man in the moon staring back at me
Shining in the leaves // smile fixed on her face
Lifeless image brought into view on the full moon
Knowing eyes that never blink // never close
How sad to be a Rushmore face seen only on moonbeams
Disappearing in the waning days // hiding in the dark
Only to reappear once again when the moon is full

Today at d’Verse we were introduced to the art work of Mary Frances.  We were asked to write an Ekphrastic poem choosing one of her works. Ekphrastic poetry is a poem  that is inspired by a piece of art work. I decided to write a fantasy poem from her face in the leaves picture.

Come join us at: https://dversepoets.com

23 thoughts on “(Wo)man in the Moon

  1. I was drawn to this one as well but, decided to take another route. I think you did a wondrous job capturing her magic. It is sad to only be seen in moonbeams. The Rushmore face really
    adds to the beauty of your creativity.

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