Growing Older

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I thought since I turned another year older last week, perhaps it was a good time to remember what growing older entails. There are so many scenarios for growing old that it is too bad we can’t pick and choose our fate. But I guess we are stuck with the roll of the dice. The following are some of the ways old age is catching up with me.

Pulling Pranks
Jokester Old Age moved in
Bringing Rock and Roll bands
Playing shrill heavy metal
Unending concerts in my ears

Or // maybe it’s seventeen-year locust
Emerging just below my gray loam
Springing forth in continual halleluiahs
Attaching themselves to brain stem and canals

In addition // miners of decay
Carve caverns in my bituminous teeth
Great profit for dental barons
Depleting my piggy bank

Old Age seems to have made himself
Right at home pulling painful pranks
Not minding the misery, he is causing
Laughing as I drain my account


photo: Dwight L. Roth

13 thoughts on “Growing Older

  1. I can relate to the dental part. Why is it that insurance has so many exceptions to what they will and won’t pay for? I have to go to regular dentist, then 3 months later periodontist, alternating. Of course cleanings only are paid for twice a year, and of course the perio is a specialist so that’s twice as much as the regular dentist. I’m about ready to say pull those f****ers and be done with it. I’m very sorry to hear about your tinnitis 😦

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  2. My sister and I were filling out a form together and I filled in my age as 72. She said, Judy, you aren’t 72! If you were, I’d be 76 and I’m only 75! I said, “No, I’m 72. I’ve been 72 all year!” Then I subtracted my birthdate from 2019 and realized. I am 71!!! I swear, starting with my birthday this year, I’ve been telling everyone I’m 72. A sure sign of aging. But, on the other hand, I’m going to have no trouble remembering my age next year. I’ve had an entire year of practice at reciting it.

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  3. I’m a denier. You’re only as old as you feel. Maybe it’s beacuse I’m fortunate to live in the South of France where reaching 100 years old is pretty much par for the course and I have some wonderful elderly neighbours setting me a fine example of living life to the full.

    As regards your dental issue, have you thought about using BioMin F toothpaste? It’s the only one approved by the Oral Health Foundation for tackiling sensitivity and remineralisation and is backed by years of solid research from Queen Mary University London. Check it out It’s resolved my sensitivity and much improved by sister’s perio problems.

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    • Very interesting! I am feeling pretty good at this point. I have longevity in my mother’s side of the family. My teeth have been a problem since teen years. I will have to check out your BioMn F. Thanks for sharing your comments!

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