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I turned 72 today!. Since it would be rather difficult to put 72 candles on my birthday pie, they just put on two. I much prefer pie to cake, especially since my wife is a super pie maker! The pie was perfect and was a great ending to our dinner! Spring is a great time to be born!

Turned seventy-two
Can’t believe I am that old
My body reminds me

Photo: Molly Roth

84 thoughts on “Birthday

  1. Another Year πŸ₯‚

    Another year has passed
    A birthday for you is in store
    May you find this coming year
    Be one with lots of open doors.

    Follow your dreams
    Remember you can achieve
    All that you dream
    Whatever your mind can conceive

    So this poems brings
    wishes for you
    in hopes that the coming year
    is filled with things you love to do.

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  2. Awesome, post and photo!! Congrats on your 72nd birthday, My Friend!! I’m guessing your birthday wish is the same as mine is every year – I want to see another birthday as a healthy, young at heart guy!!! LOL! It seems, at least for me that the older you get the more it seems life is on fast forward. Ha!
    I think I’m seeing a Cherry Pie in you photo? So jealous! Ha! Celebrate!!!

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    • Yes, I had a great day~ The pie in the photo is a home made Strawberry pie. She also made me a cherry cheese cake. YUM! Yes, another year as good as the last one would be just fine!


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