The Phoenix Rises

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Another senseless shooting here at UNC Charlotte this week left families devastated. The student who tackled the gunman gave his life to save his classmates. The whole community is in mourning over the incident. Many turned out along the highway today as the young man was brought back to his hometown of Waynesville.

Rising from the ashes
the phoenix returns.
Bringing hope and strength
to all who hear
the tale of rejuvenation.
In this time of violence
destruction and mayhem,
personal devastation and loss
may seem to much to bear.
But, like the phoenix
life will return
And from the ashes
good will come.


Painting: Dwight L. Roth

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30 thoughts on “The Phoenix Rises

  1. A timely and very very sad post. I can not imagine the feelings of this young man’s parents….such a senseless loss. His selflessness no doubt saved many many lives and there is gratitude and adulation due him, and being expressed by many. But in the end, the question remains, how can this country do nothing about gun control when senseless devastation like this and Columbine and Newtown and on and on keep happening.
    I look to New Zealand’s immediate action….so much more than “our thoughts and prayers.” I understand people’s beliefs that gun ownership is a personal right…but there are so many other steps between totally disarming a nation and leaving it the way it is. Okay…I’m done venting. Again, thank you for the post….may the Phoenix rise.

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