No Greater Love…

synagog where shooting took place (2)

Yesterday we heard of another shooting in a Jewish place of worship in San Diego, California. One of the women there stepped in front of the gunman and took the bullets protecting her rabbi who was helping children escape. It is so sad that we still have not learned to live in harmony with one another. When will we ever learn?

No Greater Love
Than to give one’s life
So that another might live
No greater cowardice than
Taking the life of
Men women and children
In their place of worship
Hate destroys the soul of society
Love overcomes standing up to hate
Often at great personal sacrifice
Love wins in the end…
Love is of God

Photo: USA News

36 thoughts on “No Greater Love…

  1. We all need to play our part in sending out loving peaceful thoughts to change the energy in the world. Too many sit back and think what can I do. The power of thought can bring peace and love back into our world. God can only watch as we allow our beautiful world to eventually destroy itself.

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  2. There’s freedom in Love… Hate is a prison… well expressed in your poem. Everyone that is able to speak against hate without being pulled into hate is a hero. Surely that woman is a hero. May God bless her and you for spreading a word of hope, courage and love

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