Barber’s Chair


Big red barber’s chair
Many heads cut there
Look slick
Little boys’ father
Pays Barber the fare
Scissors click
Blond curls fall in pairs
Heads sheered// none to spare
Ends stick
Barber has a smile
Snipping ends awhile
Coins drop
Teens hair cut in style
One inch long for now
Flat top
Bald men come and smile
Stop to talk and rile
Tobacco plops
When cutting’s all done
Then comes all the fun
Broom sweeps
Door gets locked// kids run
Squeal in warm bright sun
Birds cheep
Barber chair gets spun
Clipper’s silence hum
Coins keep

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse Grace introduced us to a new poetic form called a Lai. It is an old French form of poetry that has a very set pattern of a, a b, a, a, b, a a, b. The a lines must rhyme and the b lines must also rhyme. The rhyme changes with each stanza.

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32 thoughts on “Barber’s Chair

  1. I like the sounds of the scissors clicking, snipping and the chatter in the barbershop. The chair looks so fun to be spun round and round. Good business with lots of coins to keep.

    Thanks for joining our poetry form challenge Dwight.

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  2. You really got a rhythm going there, Dwight, just like scissors cutting! I like the repetition in ‘Coins drop’ and ‘Coins keep’, which reminds us that this cheerful snipping is a job.

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  3. You did a great job of keeping the rhyme scheme without making it forced. The meaning came through first – then I read your explanation of d’Verse Grace’s poetic form: Lai. I went back and reread … and discovered – by golly – yup, there was a rhyme scheme in that delightful message. Well done!!

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