The Edge of Inspiration

EER_0069 (2)

Beyond Imagination
I have been pushed and shoved all my life
Thanks to friends who cared…
Seeing more in me than I see in myself
Learning to do more than I could ever imagine
From computers to art // writing memoirs // and poetry
Publishing books on Amazon //and writing a blog…
Things I never imagined ten years ago
Susan // Kym // and Tom
Encouraging // urging // helping me
Opening doors to new worlds of wonder
Imagination that knows no end
Wonderful friends all over the world
Communicating with me every day
Keeping me on the edge of inspiration

Photo: Dwight L. Roth
I am reposting this one again after thinking through my writing process on yesterday’s post.  I am forever thankful for friends, who I mention in my poem, who have urged me to move into the world of writing. Without their encouragement, I would not be writing this blog.
It is such a wonderful thing to be able to learn to know all of you. Your great writing and words of encouragement, given to me in your comments, keep me coming back for more. I have learned so much form all of you at the d’Verse poetry group. I am now writing poetry that I never even heard of two years ago! Thank You All!!


20 thoughts on “The Edge of Inspiration

  1. strong genuine friendships are priceless, they are our motivation as well as balance in life, you are a special person to have friend like these Dwight and I know they appreciate you too. Congratulations on all your wonderful achievements.

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  2. Dwight, I’ve enjoyed your poems, photography, and stories that go with them. You and the other dVersians are a wondrous group of individuals. You are blessed with a loving wife, supportive friends, and a gentle disposition ❤

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  3. You’re poetry is beautiful, words inspiring. When I was a child, The Neverending Story and The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe were my introduction to an unimaginable imagination. WOW! What a journey, and I’m still reading. You are blessed with a beautiful mind. 🙂

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