The Hum Behind It All

Behind my poetry musings you will find
The TV humming with PBS documentaries
Great Performances or Songs in Blue Grass time
Sometimes The Voice or the Big Bang Theory
Keeps me chuckling as I write my poetry
My brain is an odd one you see
It needs sound distraction to keep my mind free
Odd as it seems it works for me.
If I write in silence there’s a tinnitus reaction
Becoming an unpleasant sound distraction.
When the well runs dry and there’s no inspiration
My photos never fail to bring rejuvenation
Natures gifts in digital form reignite my fire
Birds or Flowers // Butterflies or Bees
Are always there // they always inspire
My imagination runs and words flow freely
Poetic lines on my blog where you can see me

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Gina at d’Verse asked us to look at the hum behind our poetry. Juggling writing and others things like job or family can be challenging. It can also be inspiring. For me it is Nature and everything around me. I feel like I am living on the edge of inspiration. But when I write I always have something going in the background. My brain seems to focus better when there is a distracting hum. Mine is usually the TV!!

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44 thoughts on “The Hum Behind It All

  1. i like blue grass music and big bang theory too. I am fascinated that white noise helps you focus, I a better at learning through listening and often pause when people speak, so white noise is too distracting for me. I also work with a lot of noise pollution and need some away quiet time. but it is so very interesting that it works marvelously for you! My kids use white noise to study and it also keeps them focused, the personal creative process continues to enchant me. I was smiling at the part when you say you feel you are at the edge of inspiration – that sounds like you so eager to get your thoughts down! your photos bring your part of the world into mine and I never miss a chance to learn something new from it and your poetic lines

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  2. Thank you for sharing your experience of writing , and the gist of your process. It obviously serves you well Dwight! I am usually immersed in silence, so I can hear the dialog in my head as I engage in writing – always self talk. When I create my physical artwork, I let my spirit be absorbed in very mellow atmospheric music so that the self talk is drowned out, and only visual images occupy my mind.

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  3. As much as tinnitus is an annoyance for me, it also acts to distract me from background noise – funny, considering white noise is one of the best distractions from tinnitus – but it has no power over voices that grab my attention. I like to have NPR on in the background during the day, but once I start following a conversation my focus is gone. I’ll turn off the radio and tolerate the ringing in my ears. My creative inner voice usually wins out.

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  4. Love posts about writing/poetry! I have found that one can block out the world and distractions if you are having fun and intensely focused! I like to write in the darkness or low light, late at night or early in the morning! I can catch my Muse then. I have also found that one of those sleep sound videos on helps. I like the babbling brook. Works for me. Wonderfully penned, My Friend!!

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  5. Interesting! I have a cuckoo clock in my kitchen/dining area. It is the heartbeat of my home. If it runs down and needs rewinding, so the tick-tock stops, I am compelled to rewind the weights and start the pendulum. I need that heartbeat! But I can’t imagine creating poetry with the TV news blaring … music – yes, but talking – no, please!

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