New Self-Published Poetry Book


I have been self-publishing my own books for about four years. It started with memoirs of my childhood years which I published on Amazon Kindle. In addition I published hard copies at Office Max. I write for myself and for my friends who care to read my work. This book of Haikai poems developed as a result of my connection with the Word Press blog, d”Verse Poets Pub. They post prompts three days a week along with detailed explanations of how to write different forms of poetry.

This book has sixty pages of poems and photos that I took. Since I published it in all black and white it kept the cost down. Using a discount coupon, and publishing thirty-five booklets I was able to do them for two dollars each! For books with more pages you can get plastic covers with a spiral binding. This raised the cost of the book by about four dollars each.

Give self-publishing a try. It is not that difficult. Type your poems or chapters on Word in sequence on one file. Edit and make corrections. Save the finished product in pdf form. This way it will not change when you take it to be printed. Make a separate file with your cover.  Load the file with your book on a flash stick or sd card and take it to your local Office Max or Office Depot. Print at least twenty copies or more to get the best pricing. They will fold and staple them for you. You will love the results.

32 thoughts on “New Self-Published Poetry Book

  1. Thank you for the information about self-publishing. I have everything I’ve written since age 16, and I am 70. I’ve always wanted to print them in small booklets. I just didn’t want to get into something that would drain my bank account.

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    • Thank you…I have found this to be a great way to share your writing with family and friends. If you add color pages it moves the price to a much higher cost! I only sell a few. I give most of them to my family and friends!

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