Lion of Winter


While we are enjoying the first signs of spring in North Carolina, the Northeast is hit with another four to six inches of light snowfall. Fortunately March Lion Snows soon disappear as the sun moves further north.

March // roar all you want
Light snow doesn’t deter spring
Mourning doves shiver


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

More snow is forecast for this weekend. Frank Tassone asked us to address winter going out like a lion. Our Haikai poem is supposed to allude to light snow. You can join us at:


31 thoughts on “Lion of Winter

  1. Our planet is such a world of contrasts, here it’s our 4th day in a row of over 100’C..phew..
    The Oven Sky
    The summer flowers have faded and gone
    Wilting leaves, look like the devils blight
    My Calendar declares Autumn is here
    But it’s still summer in the city
    Remaining hot and dusty, here on my plot
    All the dogs are panting, searching for a cool block
    The birds have refused to fly in the oven sky
    Day’s are the night’s heaters
    Dry rot is crumbling under the strain
    Fat rain drops have forgotten their spots
    And the drought smiles at us with disdain
    We can’t wait for the cool change tonight

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  2. I’ve got a couple of geese foraging in my back yard right now. In the snow!
    And the squirrels are scrawling nonsense script across the yard.

    After this storm… another one is forecast next weekend. I’m looking for the March Lamb!

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