Redwing Blackbird


Today is the first time I have seen a Redwing Blackbird at my feeder. He was very striking in the morning sunlight. He ate his fill and then was on his way. What a pleasant surprise. I wonder where he is heading?

Redwing Blackbird
at my feeder during lunch
Spring migration




Photos: Dwight L. Roth

18 thoughts on “Redwing Blackbird

  1. I love the Redwing Blackbirds. I look for them every spring and they stay until about August! They hang out in the ravine at the start of my dog walk. I hope they aren’t heading this way yet, we are still bitterly cold!


    • I do almost all my bird watching from my living room… often from my recliner! I put my bird feeder two feet from my window. The birds don’t seem to mind. They come and eat all day long. They love sunflower seeds and suet cakes. I have an open feeder on the deck rail. With my 200mm lens I can draw them in very well. They with the photo tools I can crop them even more. It really works well. The woods in the back of the property helps also.


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