Armor of Blame


Cold steel words now cover me head to toe.
I bind cold blame around my pierced body
Thinking it proves righteous indignation.
Not the first // mine will be the second blow
A fight to the death // my sword sharp words live;
Casting blow after cutting blow I charge…
Battle-scarred, bruised, and battered we retreat…
Alone // Would be easier to forgive?
Oh, no! … for I fight alongside Id and Ego;
Too much at stake to forgive your many sins.
Blame is my protection // choking my heart;
Stand and fight // I learned defense long ago!
Forgiveness // love // leaves me vulnerable;
I go down fighting // while I am able.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today Frank , at d’Verse, asked us to write a poem that includes blame and forgiveness.  I wonder why we put ourselves through all the pain when forgiveness could save us the agony. It all comes down to being right! How could I forgive you if I am always right!!?? I believe this is the problem in our country as well.

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39 thoughts on “Armor of Blame

  1. Turns out the prompt was not to be written lightly. This piece, rife with humor, still is laden with staves of truth. A straw dragon argument for sure, yet your words scald a bit as they pierce sensitive spots.

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  2. You come out with fighting talk and end with a lesson learned in this poem, Dwight! These lines are so effective:
    ‘I bind cold blame around my pierced body’
    ‘…I fight alongside Id and Ego;
    Too much at stake to forgive your many sins.’

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  3. I appreciate that you assumed the ‘other side of the coin’. A stance that has destroyed many relationships, families, nations, but continues to claim allegiance. It sorrows my heart, but I no longer deny it’s logic to those that cannot see past the laying of blame- which they assume girds their loins against yet another attack. Very expertly penned.

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