After the Flame Goes Out


When the flame goes out
Wicks glow for a little while
Rising white circles
Give no light // just lots of smoke
Finally // we’re left in darkness



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

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34 thoughts on “After the Flame Goes Out

  1. I found the poem and the illustration fascinating. I read it twice and then noticed this reply you made to someone:
    “It amazing how much time we spend on the dark and smoky and how little on the flame!”
    This reply to me is really really worth pondering!
    So glad you posted this….it’s really got me thinking this morning 🙂

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    • Thank you Lillian. This one could be taken is different ways. I am so glad it connected with you. Smokey and dark fits in very well with our political climate! I believe poetry should make one think and rethink life.

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      • Exactly. Sometimes readers come up with a totally different meaning that what I intended with m words….for me, I never take offense and am never disappointed in that. It’s a sign that the reader “connected with” the words — just as you say. Sometimes, the words of others act as a catapult for me and zing me off thinking about a memory or some other issue. That means they’ve motivated me to think 🙂

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