Short-lived Masterpieces


Day after day // year after year
The ocean paints masterpieces.
Wonderful designs come and go
Ebb layers paint
Brushed out with the flow;
In sepia tone colors
they put on quite a show.
If you care to take note
As you walk real slow…
A masterpiece of nature
Appears in each flow.
Better have a camera
If that masterpiece you would keep;
‘Else it will be gone…
The painter never sleeps


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today we have Open Link at d’Verse, where we can post a poem of our choice. We spent a couple of warm days at the beach this week where the ocean’s art work in the surf was spectacular. This poem comes from the awesome masterpieces I saw while we were there. The photos are just a couple of many wonderful abstracts on the sand!

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40 thoughts on “Short-lived Masterpieces

  1. I can feel the appreciation you have for nature as living art, which resonates with me deeply. My husband and I are off to North Carolina in a few weeks so I hope to visit the beach for similar masterpieces!

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    • Thank you for your kind words. This time of the year the weather is up and down… one week warm and the next week cold. Hope you hit a warm spell! It is wonderful at the beach this time of year.


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