Sweet Solitude


What is it about the ocean’s ebb and flow that brings healing to the soul? Is it the sound of the surf rolling in; or the breakers crashing one the sand? The rhythm of the ocean  draws many to seek solitude at waters edge.

As you sit feeling the water tickle your ankles and soft sand squishing between your toes, the cares of the world seem to flow away with the receding tide. The ocean’s mantra soothes the soul and brings rejuvenation and renewed strength.

Ocean works magic
Soul’s sandcastles wash away.
Summer solitude


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today Kim, at dverse, asked us to write a Haibun about solitude.  I chose to write about the healing qualities of solitude that many find at the ocean.

Come join us at: https://dversepoets.com


28 thoughts on “Sweet Solitude

  1. I enjoyed this Dwight. Love the idyllic photo. Having lived near the pacific ocean for 29 years, my wife and I go frequently. I love the ocean, so your piece here resonated for me. The Pacific Northwest coast is rugged. Huge cliffs and massive stone monoliths on, or just off shore. It is breathtaking!

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  2. i feel you wanting the warmer weather Dwight, your poems on spring and flowers with the birds and this lovely haibun. for me its the rhythm of the sea. it does soothe and call gently, to go with the flow of life. really love your words in the haibun


    • Thank you Micahel. Haibuns are not that bad; just a paragraph or two about your subject and a haiku to compliment it. You can easily do it with your good writing! You should join our group it is a great place to experiment with different kinds of poetry.


  3. Thank you, Dwight, for bringing to my cold and frosty morning the scent and sounds of the sea on a summer’s day. Magic, especially the line ‘Soul’s sandcastles wash away’! And such a sparkling photo!

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