Recycling Pallets


My last job, before I retired, was at a vinyl siding company owned by a friend of mine. It was during the downturn in the US economy and sales were slow. When I had free time I  took shipping pallets apart, cleaned out the nails and dressed the oak boards on our table saw. I made the rocker for my friend, Mr. Ed, who drove our pickup truck. Using the old antique rocker as a pattern, I cut the oak boards to match. It turned out really great. The swing below was done the same way. I made three of them in all.  Over the years we made a variety of things, some of which I am still using every day!

Oak shipping pallets

Dressed smooth, cut to size, finished

Special creations

Built three swings and a rocker

Joy for builder and owner











Photos: Dwight L. Roth & Dan Niece

29 thoughts on “Recycling Pallets

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  2. Dwight, these furnitures are seriously good. I find each piece so attractive and warming. Do you make to order? I have set my heart on that swing bench for the garden. Guess the freight would make it prohibitive.


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  3. What a great use for those things. Most people would simply burn them, but everything serves a purpose, especially when you’re a craftsman and artist.


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