Out in the Cold


What do birds do on frigid winter nights?
Huddling cold together they shiver and shake;
Snow falling //a million different shapes;
Layers fields with diamonds// all catching light.

When winds howl, I’m snug // asleep in my bed
Birds have no blankets // no warm comfy house
Out in the cold sleeping under pine boughs
No place of protection to lay their heads

We can’t house all the birds in warm delight.
The same true with people, which makes me sad;
Many live in fear // no beds to be had;
While the rest of us live // sleep well at night.

In spite of the cold most birds do survive;
Third world people struggle to stay alive.

Photo: Dwight L. Roth
Today is open link night at d’Verse and Grace reminded us of the loss of a great poet, Mary Oliver, who loved writing poems about her experience in nature. I decided to write this sonnet as a tribute to her love of nature and the questions she might ask.

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com

26 thoughts on “Out in the Cold

  1. Roth,
    I loved some of Oliver’s stuff (some was too mushy for me) — mainly that it was straight forward and “accessible” poetry. Your piece is very nice here — love that you fit it into a sonnet again (well done).
    But your poem and your closing line remind me again of a ridiculous saying of Jesus’ Matthew 6:26-27 — so wrong, it does not happen — as you said, so much of the world dies suffering.

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    • Thank you, Sabio, for you comment. I appreciate your kind affirmation on my sonnet. I find writing them an interesting challenge. As, you have pointed out, there is much suffering in the world along with many questions as to why. I don’t have the answers to these questions.

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  2. Some birds migrate, some stay throughout winter. I like the reminder of the homeless as I do see them in and out of the Toronto city where I work. Indeed we must be more compassionate to their plight. I am glad you trying out the sonnet form (again). Have a good weekend.

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    • Thanks Grace. Here where the winters are mild, I sometimes see horses with blankets over their back. They like cattle have very thick hides and would not be affected much by the cold. Birds on the other hand have to eat constantly to keep their metabolism up so they can stay warm. Thank you for your comment. I enjoy the sonnet format!


  3. Stunning image of your red cardinal in the cold. Their colours seem to suggest they should be in a tropical climate. We don’t get cardinals here in Europe and many of our birds have migrated to somewhere in Africa. Yes, the need for a safe place, home is essential for all. It is a wonderful tribute to Mary Oliver and I am glad I saw Grace’s prompt and joined in this one.

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