Howling Wolf Moon


Last night we experienced a unique Lunar Eclipse. Our January (winter) Blood Moon, or Wolf Moon, occurred with the red phase around midnight. It was directly overhead, so not as big as if it had just come over the horizon. I shot several photos with my 200mm zoom lens, but not having a tripod left my images quite shaky. I liked the effect and am sharing them with you in my post today!

Wolf Moon brilliant white

Earth hides sun // Moon turns to Blood

Keeps running circles ’round us



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

27 thoughts on “Howling Wolf Moon

  1. Wow! I saw the moon and marvelled at it around 6:30 PM, but I had no idea it woud become a “Blood moon” later on. What’s the cause of such a phenomena? Thank you for sharing your magnificent photos!

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