12 thoughts on “Life Goes On

  1. Fun pic and words. Almost a Koan. Because saying “No matter how many
    rocks we stack in life’s cold stream it flows!” Means life just carries on, or we can get over obstacles. But the last part, “It flows till frozen” seems to say, well, until you are killed or die. So it amounts to encouragement with a realistic ending. OR, it means something very different. Sort of a Koan or a Rorschach Ink Blot! LOL. Fun.

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    • Thank you Sabio. My intent was the more obvious meaning… go with the flow until the end! I am new to all this so I will have to check what a Koan might be.
      By the way when I went beck and revised my Sonnet “Winter Reflections” I saw what you meant. I had two lines with only nine syllables which changed the pattern!
      Thank you for your input!


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