Snowed In

img_1995 - copy

Red barn // winter snow

Cold Pennsylvania weather

Cows remain inside


  Painting: Dwight L. Roth

Today is our open link day at d’Verse poetry. I decided to celebrate my Pennsylvania farming roots with this Haiku tribute to winter snow.

Join us at:

36 thoughts on “Snowed In

  1. It’s a great painting! I don’t know if you are retired or not, but lately a number of my Facebook friends (real friends) are retired and doing an amazing job at painting. I consider you one of those friends. I have one year until retirement, and I’ve thought of going back to painting. But my talent doesn’t match those who have gone before me…

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  2. Having spent most of my life, living in various parts of Ontario, I can say, snow is so overrated! Having experienced the blizzards of the mid-1970s. which shut down almost everything sight. As teachers warned us, kids, not to touch any overhead cable that might have snapped under the weight of the fallen snow. Where snowbanks required a snowblower to clear, from the roads.

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