1000 Pieces


We have had this puzzle hanging on the wall in our house for the past thirty-seven years.

In 1981 my mother-in-law came from Alberta, Canada to spend Christmas with us in North Carolina. While she was with us, we put this 1000 piece puzzle of canal boats together. I decided to try to preserve it by mounting it on a piece of poster board and coating it with a couple coats of clear finish.

The summer before I had to cut down a black walnut tree that was growing against the back of my garage. I borrowed a truck and took the trunk to a local saw mill where it was cut into eight twelve inch boards.  I saved all the bark edge trimming boards as well and used it to make several items. The frame for this picture was made from that tree.

Christmas together

Carefully placing pieces

Each piece a mem’ry


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Lillian, at d’Verse, asked us to take a look around our house and see what is hanging on the walls. Then we were to choose something and write a poem about why it was significant. This puzzle has been through two moves and is still holding together and hanging on our wall after all these years!

Join us at: https://dversepoets.com



35 thoughts on “1000 Pieces

  1. oh…..for some reason this has really really touched me. I have tears in my eyes. Something put together….pieced together to a whole that brings back memories of a loved ones visiting in years past, and sitting with you, laughing and enjoying. And then making a beautiful frame for that memory.
    This is truly a wonderful post. I hope you share it with your family….it takes that framed puzzle way beyond the physical thing. So very glad you posted to the prompt!

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    • Thank You Lillian! I am very honored that it connected with you in this way. You are right there are only a few things that bring back memories like this puzzle does. It is very special ! That is why it stays on the wall. I am just glad it has held together all these years! Thank you so much!


  2. What a wonderful idea. From beloved tree to precious memories.
    The picture is beautiful and I love how you all did this together.
    We use to do a big one each year as I grew up but they were bought.
    Nevertheless it bound us together in one achievement.


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