How would you describe your words. Are they building and encouraging or do the cut and tear people down.  At this time of the year it is important to build relationships and avoid the critical and judgmental attitudes. Have a great family time. Focus on the positive.

Some like Legos building
Foundations tight and strong
Holding us together
Whatever comes along
Built to last almost any assault

See the source image

Some like Dominos
Where the least little thing
Sets them off ranting and raving
Running on till they destroy
all that had been set up before


Photos: bing images

13 thoughts on “Words

  1. Love your analogies, Dwight. What’s striking about the Legos building in your illustration is that it is made up of different color pieces, much like the cultural diversity of our nation. As for the dominoes, the first piece has just fallen.

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    • Thank you Rosaliene, for your thoughtful analysis! I chose the lego picture because I liked the colored blocks. They were like the ones my boys played with. Your thought about it showing diversity is a great one. Now they are making them all one color pretty much… mostly gray!
      The tipping of that one domino undoes everything, Much like a nasty cutting word does to us

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