Dwight painting with Little Chippie

When the cheers die down
The last race is won
My life’s work complete
What now
Time for reincarnation
A change of direction
A new challenge
A little slower pace
A bigger smile on my face
No need to assume it’s over
The Rocking Chair can wait
There is new life in reincarnation
Not as great
Not as loud
Rewarding just the same
My work does not define me
I am defined by reincarnation


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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41 thoughts on “Retired=Reincarnation

  1. I sooooo love this! Everyone hesitates retirement, but its really jist the next chapter of your life! Its the first time you are totally in charge of your future. The first time you can go wherever you want. One more year for me, my friend. One more year and we’ll wander aimlessly through the next half of our life!

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  2. Congratulations, Dwight! I know that this is a wonderful feeling because I had my reincarnation a few years ago after a complete breakdown. Before that I thought my work would define me but when I had to give it up I found out that I was just chained to it. I decided to free myself from all these chains of my earlier life (took some time) and redifined myself. I still have to work to earn my rent and living but I found a relaxed way to do it leaving a lot of time for my passions painting, making music and videos and all the other beautiful things that life as for us. I am looking forward to read and see more, much more of the reincarnated Dwight!

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    • Thank you Carsten, for sharing about your own journey in making choices in life. It is great that you were able to reorient yourself to a less stressful lifestyle. I understand the feeling when you are working to feel there is no other choice. What you are showing so well is that there are other choices that might be more healthy for us that what we are doing. I love the artist that has bloomed forth from you. You have a real gift. Thanks again for checking out my blogs and sharing your comments.

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  3. A really awesome piece, Dwight!!! This is something I’m looking forward to sharing!! For me I get to play pickleball almost everyday (check it out, it’s great fun). Play keyboard in a small band recently formed. Most of the time on my laptop with my WP blog. Life is good!! I have always liked the deep and thought provoking question – “What would you be doing with your life if money was not an object/consideration?” Sort of wished I’d have heard that at 21! Ha! Bravo – Dwight!!

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  4. Retirement is liberating, isn’t it. We hadn’t planned it but it came upon us. I love your little dove. I chose raising ducks. At the moment I have one pair of Mandarins, although last year I had 3 Wood ducks and 2 pair of Mandarin. The female and I have bonded over the last 4 years, although she is a wild breed. I let her out last winter when a predator had killed all but her. I didn’t want her trapped in the aviary if the predator returned before I could fix it. She was gone 4 days and I left the door open and food available. The fourth day I looked out and she was walking into the aviary. She was happy to be home, but there were no signs she had suffered in her journey. So, I got her a new mate and they fell in love instantly.

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