The Sweet Chill

Ice Tea photo

Smooth and cold you slid over my warm tongue
Chilling everything around that you touch
Yet when you feel my warmth you go to tears
How hard your core when left out in the cold
Waiting to melt that hard exterior
Frigid until finding that drink we all love
Changing states // floating in your own essence
Bringing pleasure to young and old alike
Cooling the heat // bringing a chill // you will
Bring pure pleasure on a hot summer day
Smooth as you melt on my tongue // sweet iced tea
Ice cubes filling the glass

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Today at d’Verse Gina asked us to consider the common ordinary things of life and write a poem describing them. I chose the common ordinary ice cube that we put in our glass every day never once thinking about its make up or wat it does for us. Taking it, and all of life for granted we tend to miss some of the small ordinary things like ice cubes.

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39 thoughts on “The Sweet Chill

  1. you wrote what I tried to accomplish with my own poem but never came close. your take on the prompt is just so spot on, what could be more ordinary than the ice cube yet the fact that it is formed by some miracle is beyond our simple understanding needing science and equations to explain its presence. so enjoyed reading how you gave it a journey, a life cycle in a way, and how at each point it gave pleasure to us humans, even till it teared and ,melted away, a sacrifice for someone else’s joy. the Christmas tree in the background created a lovely portrait.

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  2. Ahh yes, sweet iced tea truly is a magical drink under the hot summer sun! I also found it interesting (and I see I’m not the only one!) that felt there was a double meaning to the poem and that the descriptions could very well apply to a person.

    Great take on the prompt, Dwight ๐Ÿ™‚

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