They Still Bleed Red



A month ago, I shared that it would be the last night for the roses. Frost was predicted, came, and went. But the warm NC sun soon revived them. Buds continued to open and in spite of cold nights, living up to -their name: Knock-Out Roses. Now a month later, the petal edges are singed in black, but they are still bright red in the sunshine.

Against cold assaults
While frost shrivels all around
Roses still bleed red
Undaunted by winter’s freeze
Leaves succumb // Roses bleed red


Photo taken today: Dwight L. Roth

12 thoughts on “They Still Bleed Red

  1. Your poem made me envious …a friend said to me “Can you take three of my bonsai’s (outside in pots) I said sure..Thanks..How old are they? 25 years old…Why? I’m bored with them. One I gave to another friend with well lighted windows.There it thrives. .The smallest one wrapped around a moss covered rock promptly went bald.. then died.The third seems still alive but it’s greenery is quickly disappearing. I remembered afterwards we had had 3 small freezes before he gave them to me. ( I live in Minnesota) till our snowfall last week there were plants , still green…
    striving to still absorb the sunlight…and hoping to survive.

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