Marriage Investments


Being married is like investing in the stock market

What’s happening is always fluctuating

There are ups and downs // highs and lows

The only way to gain is to stay in for the long haul

Some choose to invest in penny stocks with low return

Others invest in high end stocks that bring rewards

There are those day traders who choose not to commit

Jumping on the next sure thing, hoping for a rise

Marriage like stocks will inevitably tank at times

Those who bail out leave a lot behind

Staying in and riding out the dip brings upswings

Returns rebound as things can get back on track

After a lifetime of ups and downs one hopes

To have a nest egg to help them live comfortably

Reviewing the highs and lows together


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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54 thoughts on “Marriage Investments

  1. Dwight, you write from experience which makes it all so real, not rosy all the way. Thanks for this honest post. I love how you use stocks and investments in this equation. I am going on 56 years married, ouch…lol

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  2. Cute, fun. The metaphor does have its limits, love celebrates the intrinsic worth and autonomy of the beloved and thus transcends the transactional… perhaps. But this is a sweet simile, as long as we remember that no stock has intrinsic worth. This made me smile.

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  3. i smiled all the way reading this, in its unromantic lines it is the sweetest take on marriage, the ups and downs, the investments, in retrospect taking chances was well worth it, i really liked the analogies you drew, so cleverly done

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  4. Nice poem, I’m learning to day trade and have learned the hard way, never be married to a stock and cut your losses early. However, in my marriage, there is no “out” no choice to dump the marriage, rather when it tanks, you need to put in extra hours and work to reverse the drop, and doing this will build a strong “support” to keep you from crashing! Thanks for sharing!

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    • I am not much of a stock investor, but I had a good friend who was really good at it. He always said when the stock drops, double down, and if it drops again double down again. In the end when it rises again it will pay off. This is what I was trying to say in this poem. As you said when things get tough, double down and do the work and when it rises you will see the benefits.


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