Peaceful Resignation


The week after Thanksgiving in 2012 we received news that my wife’s mother was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She was 86 years old and after consulting with the family, made the decision not to pursue extended treatments. The doctors said she would probably not live more than a month or two. She lived until August of 2013.
Waiting in real time for what we all know is going to happen is not always easy. She made the most of her time left, celebrating Christmas with us at the care facility she moved into. Her attitude was one of peaceful resignation all the way through. Her nurses loved her and took very good care of her. She said that she had lived a full life and was ready to go.

Her time had now come
Peaceful resignation her choice
Snow falls// silent night



Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Imelda, our guest host at d’Verse, asked us to write a Haibun that talks about waiting.  I am sharing a very personal time of waiting that happened to us a few years ago.

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82 thoughts on “Peaceful Resignation

  1. sharing a very personal story tightens thus circle of humanity we inhabit. having the opportunity to chose is a great gift, and to enjoy the wait with those who love us is grace unlimited, not many have this choice. thank you Dwight.

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  2. Thank you for the personal share. That waiting can be long and agonizing but kudos to your mother in law for the peaceful resignation and enjoying as much of life as can be possible. Snow falls, silent night is gorgeous profound imagery.

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  3. First off, I’m sorry for your loss. I think your haibun is a tender tribute to your mother-in-law.

    Even if the subject matter here is not what we would normally call pleasant, I hope you don’t mind me saying that there was beauty and comfort in her passing. There was peace and an acceptance of what was to come. It complemented, in a way, a life well lived.

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  4. Sometimes is not easy sharing these special moments, sometimes is really hard even accepting it and sometimes is painful just to think of it. You’ve been through a lot and she did as well!! Especially for her. Life is short is true but life can also be long if it’s spent carefully with our loved ones. Such a lucky woman to have all her family behind her and always ready to support her and loved her till the end.

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