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When our son was young he had a cousin who was three years older. We were just starting out in our marriage and were grateful for any hand-me-downs that came our way. My sister gave us the clothes that her Brian outgrew. This little stocking cap and a sweater to match were some of our favorites.

As I thought about the concept of hand-me-downs, it struck me that all of our creations are really hand-me-downs borrowed from those who have gone before us.


What have we created that has not already been

Songs, art, music, style, design, color, people & more

All hand-me-downs from what already exists

Rearranging blocks in a pile // building creative towers

Finding ideas // resources from what has gone before

Nothing new under the sun…

What’s old becomes new // What’s new becomes old

The cycle of life // our DNA

Never really new // simply rearranged from his and hers

Even cloning takes something to start with

Many scoff at the idea of Creationism

But, everything we have, are, and ever will be

Is simply hand-me-downs from our Creator


B&W Photo: Dwight L. Roth

12 thoughts on “Hand-Me-Downs

  1. Well said (written) Dwight. Makes a whole lot of sense. I had a lot of hand me downs as a kid myself. I hated it when I got older. As soon as I started working and having my own money I went out and bought clothes.

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  2. I really really like this 🙂 And it resonated with me a lot, as someone who had to learn to appreciate hand-me-downs haha. I was a middle child so I got a lot of them from my older siblings. It always made me grumble a bit, but it also made it very special when I was given some new clothes that were just my own! 🙂

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  3. I *love* hand-me-downs! In this day everything is “disposable” and seems to lose its value. To be able to pass things on to another denotes the wisdom of when to let something go and also goes hand-in-hand with a community/global mindset.

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  4. Amen to that, Roth. When you think about it; hand-me-downs are a perfect form of recycling. My wife always comments when she sees new styles coming out. She’ll say something like; “Oh, they think they just created this, we wore that 50 years ago.”

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