In Pursuit of Passion


Authenticity is what we all look for

Whether poetry, music, religion, or friends

Not just words or feelings // but intense passion

That mystical quality of being transported

Into spiritual realms of heightened reality

Thousands turn out, not for the person(s)

But for the charisma // the passing of energy

Creating a lightness of being like no other

The fire in the belly // the anger of the soul

Draws us like a magnet bringing us together

At times intense expressions push us away

Repulses us out of fear or misunderstanding

But in the end // it is passion that drives us

Authentic soul stirring passion is our Heartbeat



Photo:  From Facebook

Photo 2: Dwight L. Roth


15 thoughts on “In Pursuit of Passion

      • I think many times people shy away from passion as they consider it unbecoming or even that it only refers to sexual encounters. Far from it. It is a strong word, to be sure, but passion is (imo) necessary. Think of the passion the Sons of Thunder (particularly John) had for Jesus. Or the passion of Jeremiah. Or… well, so many examples of different facets of passion towards a person or pursuit. I, as a passionate person, have embraced this part of myself. I don’t (generally) let it rule me but I do let it carry me at times. Some very beautiful art has come from a heart of passion (for whatever subject). Your poem is wonderful.

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  1. I am always a little leery of the word passionate. Perhaps because I prefer silence to noise. The word seems to shout out extreme being, I don’t know whether that’s good or bad. It can be both I guess. I do like authenticity …… and your mind provoking poetry.

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