“Where have all the flowers gone?”


Sunday is the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, when fighting ceased, bringing an end to WWI. It was called the war to end all wars, but sadly we see conflicts and wars continue throughout the world. Some say war is Hell and I would tend to agree. Many brave soldiers lost their lives on the battlefield. The horrific atrocities that occurred were unimaginable. Our leaders have not learned from our past. The division in our country can only lead to further conflict in our own back yard. We must learn how to agree to disagree and move beyond our personal power trips. We must stop sending our best young people to slaughter in ongoing wars of our own making.

Armistice Day ink
Brings an end to bloody war
November snow falls

Frank Tassone reminded us that tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of  the end of WWI. The Armistice signed ended the fighting and killing that had raged on for years. He asked us to write a Haikai poem that mention Armistice Day.
Join us at: https://frankjtassone.com/2018/11/10/haikai-challenge-60-11-10-18-armistice-haiku-senryu-haibun-tanka-haiga-renga/

Tomorrow is also Frank’s birthday!  Happy Birthday Frank!!

Photo: Dwight L. Roth    Title from Pete Seeger song:  “Were have all the flowers gone?”

31 thoughts on ““Where have all the flowers gone?”

  1. I have a book ” Anthem for Doomed Youth” poets of the great war edited by Lyn Macdonald. Its a book of poems written by soldiers in the First World War.

    The Trenches

    We wander round this horrid trench
    Pent in by walls of yellow mud
    And grow accustomed to the stench
    And whistling things, and things that thud

    All day we slowly pass the time
    And gaze with mirrors at the Hun,
    And when the sun has ceased to shine
    We have our little bit of fun.

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  2. I share your sentiments, Dwight. I love the closing verse of your Haiku: “November snow falls.” A time for rest and introspection.

    An estimated 17 million people died in World War I: that’s equivalent to the combined current populations of the states of Virginia and New Jersey.

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  3. So true, Dwight, and a lovely haiku.
    The leaders “sell” wars to the public and to the young soldiers who go and fight–it will be an adventure, they can get a paid education or training . . .they don’t talk about the horror.

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  4. When family members cannot agree to disagree how are world leaders to do such?
    Oh wait we put them in charge because they were supposed to be reasonable and logical.
    Another November… we can only hope that our children’s children can find a better way.

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