Feel the Music

Sax player #4

Does great music stir your passion. Music has the ability to appeal to every mood. Those who play music know how wonderful it is to feel the music pulsing though your soul, like the blood pulses through your veins. A feeling like none other. Medicine for the soul.

Passion for music

Fills every part of our being

Summer night’s magic


Sax Player - Stacey Strawn

Sax Player #3

Sax player #2

Photos taken by: Stacey Strawn




4 thoughts on “Feel the Music

  1. I have a thirteen and a fourteen year old grandson and two thirteen year old granddaughters. Every time they visit it’s all about music. They play their iPods and compete to show me their favourite tunes. We always play ‘ name that tune’. Sean Mendez, Justin Bieber, Nial Horan, Harry Styles,Ed Sheeran. I assume you know them. It’s all about music. It consumes my grandchildren. My granddaughter Brianna takes guitar lessons and wants to write her own songs. The first 45 rpm single I purchased was ‘ The Legions Lost Patrol’ a trumpet solo. Need I go on. I could use 1million words on the meaning of music in our lives.Great post.

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  2. I soooo agree. We all have particular music that moves us, and for me, when it hits I’m one with the music and the universe and my own self. I love all kinds of music — each has a powerful song that calls to you.

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