Pulling Pranks


Jokester Old Age moved in
Bringing Rock and Roll bands
Playing shrill heavy metal
Unending concerts in my ears

Or // maybe it’s seventeen-year locust
Emerging just below my gray loam
Springing forth in continual halleluiahs
Attaching themselves to brain stem and canals

In addition // miners of decay
Carve caverns in my bituminous teeth
Great profit for smiling dental barons
Depleting my piggy bank

Old Age seems to have made himself
Right at home pulling painful pranks
Not minding the misery, he is causing
Laughing as I drain my account


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Bjorn at d’Verse poetry pub asked us to write a poem focused on using metaphors. I decided to write on aging.  My age is catching up with me!

Join us at; https://dversepoets.com

34 thoughts on “Pulling Pranks

  1. I feel you on that Jokester Old Age moving in – permanently. Am taking great pains and time to take care of my body now, fearing the onslaught of those painful pranks. It’s no fun when our pocket takes the hit though.

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  2. not forgetting the noisy joints of those rock and roll bad knees! i really love your play of words and how the body decays but your spirit it so magnificently young and vibrant. you have a really great sense of humour Dwight!

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  3. Yeah, I’m becoming hard of hearing too, but so far I have not given into technology. I go to the other end of the house, and play that TV loud, but since my health has been crap for a long time, it’s just one more irritant.

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  4. My mother said that for years her tinnitus sounded like organ music, which someone commented that is better than it sounding like cicadas, and she said, maybe, but only if it is a good organist. I am not a dentist, but as a member of the health professions, let me thank you for helping our kids get through college, we do appreciate you letting us have your hand in your pockets now and again, remember to get your flu shot! 🙂 Be well Dwight, this is a playful take on experiences that are not much fun. Kudos.

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    • I can’t imagine being a dentist. Probably one of the most wnwelcome of the health professionals for people like me. My ringing is just a continuous high pitch background ring. Other noise seems to distract from it. TV Radio etc. tend to stay on more that usual. Thanks for your comment.

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