Love…the song we sing



In 1967 when I was in college learning to play the guitar, the Youngbloods came out with their hit song “Get Together”. Then, it was Civil Right and the Viet Nam War that divided our country. Now it is divided for very different reasons. There call to come together and “Love one another right now!” still holds true today. Utopian solutions never come through politics and ideology. It only comes when we truly love one another. Until then, a utopian society is just a dream. Amaya at d’Verse asked us to write about our idea of utopia. This took me back to the sixties and the cry of the Folk Singers, prophets of the day, calling us to come together.

Dreaming of a utopia where everyone

carries equal importance and worth

I wake to the reality

that we have a very long way to go

Society seems filled with weeds

Growing up in the midst choking out the good

Overwhelming everyone with their personal agendas

Hope and change are delegated to a select few

While the rest wallow in disillusionment

In a society polarized down the middle

The good of all  is lost in contention and self-destruction

Elections seem not to appease the masses on either side

The solution lies not in Sociology or Political Science

Rather in the hearts of men, women, boys and girls

Utopia lies in the understanding of self-giving Love

That is not just a song we sing, but a way of life.

Only the love of God in the hearts of all

Will bring peace and fulfillment in the world


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24 thoughts on “Love…the song we sing

  1. I don’t know what to think about the weed analogy. Yes, we all have weeds in ourselves and we are conditioned to believe they need to be pulled. Out with the bad, only to have a new batch of them pop right back up. And then when we start to believe certain people in their entirety are weeds and need to be uprooted and discarded– with that thinking, who really is the ” weed”? I’m the bible isn’t there a passage about the wheat and the chaff and growing together until no one but God separates them. I know you were talking more about division and not weeds and you’re absolutely right that we need to see ourselves connected to everyone else and create a habitat for love to grow.

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  2. I am right there with you Dwight on every point, save the god thing, that’s too segregating a concept for me. But we really do need to learn tolerence, acceptance, inclusion, patience, in order to find peace. I am a champion of education. I believe therein is the first key to unlock peace. ✌🏼

    …rob from

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