I Voted

Yesterday, I cast my early vote at our local library. The candidates and supporters were confined to a yellow tape line on the sidewalk. It was set up to avoid harassment of people coming to vote. You could go to them, but you could also ignore them if you wished. Sometimes we may wonder weather our vote really does make any difference. Politics is sort of like playing the lottery. Most of the time our ticket comes up short of our expectation. Once in a while the person we cast our vote for really does make a positive difference in our world. In spite of that we still line up to cast our ballot.

I Voted… did you?
Democracy’s foundation
Leaves cover tree roots

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Frank Tassone asked us to examine the roots of our democracy and write a Haikia poem using or alluding to democracy.

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16 thoughts on “Democracy

  1. Too often some believe that the interpretation of our early laws has gotten out of hand.
    Like you say sometimes we get lucky and do get a politician who will work for the people.
    It is those deep roots we must continue to draw on.

    Later this morning to avoid some crowds I will be taking my elder neighbor, as well as attempting to choose and cast our votes for those who we think might help. But as you say often our politics are compared to lottery tickets. May we succeed in getting good people in office.

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