Once Upon a Dream


Once upon a dream
Dripping thoughts ran free
Choice words // honey sweet
Speak to soft hearts open to hear
Wisdom from the honeycomb

Once upon a dream
Inspiration took root
Words buzzed through the mind
Pockets of honey stored away
Drawn upon in desert times

Once upon a dream
Sweet Gold flowed // ink to paper
Food fit for a queen
Full of life // sweet soul nectar
Mind dreams do come true


Photo: Dwight L. Roth

Lillian at d’Verse asked us to take the phrase “Once upon a time….  and do a twist on it.  We were to write a poem that started with “Once upon a ____________,” filling in the blank with anything but the word time.  I wrote about the beauty of poetry.

34 thoughts on “Once Upon a Dream

  1. Once upon a dream….the honey comb…the queen….honey sweet….dripping….sweet soul nectar.
    Wonderful imagery here! And the honeycomb with its pockets….
    wishing you a pocket full of dreams today!

    Liked by 1 person

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