Our Job

EER_0323 (2)

The world is “going to hell in a hand basket”
Some believe the end is near
Others say, “What’s the use…there is nothing we can do.”
So… what do we do in the face of violence and hate?
Some think it is to protest // to force change
Others say it is “vote the bums out of office”
Still others seek separation and revolution
French philosopher, Jacque Elull said,
The job of the Christian in this world
Is not to fight, but rather to call into question
The actions of those in power
(Especially those who claim to be Christian)
For to let their actions go unchecked is to give assent
The Germans who opposed Hitler’s policies
Realized this it was too late to speak up
Challenging what is happening forces them to think.
It might not bring the change we want
But it does not allow them to believe what they do
Is right, acceptable, or just…
Stand with the “lest of these” who cry out for change
Our job as citizens is to call into question the actions of our leaders
Our job as individuals is to “Love God and Love our Neighbor”

Make the world a better Place!

Photo: Dwight L. Roth

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