Golden Gate Morning (a Haibun)

Golden Gate Morning

In 1989 our family took a road trip to California and beyond. We went north west from Bakersfield to Fresno and visited Yosemite National Park.  Then we headed to San Francisco by way of Oakland. It was about 5:00 on Sunday evening when we arrived. We had no problem driving through the city, and then across the Golden Gate Bridge. On the other side, we stopped at the overlook where I took several photographs of the bridge.

I have been wishing to paint the bridge ever since that time, and finally finished this painting this week. I wanted to minimize the colors, so I used mostly black and white and then red on the bridge. I emphasized the ship in the bay to give a center of interest that draws you in to see the bridge. I tried a full color attempt first that I was not happy with, so I went this direction. I switched my haiku to morning instead of evening.

Golden Gate Morning

Summer sun burns off the fog

Ship heads out to sea




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