Rising Above the Grind

All is Lost - Painting

Rising above the Grind

You can be crushed battered by the waves

Or ride the surf for the thrill of your life

One must rise above to be free

Move beyond expectations

A resurrection of sorts

A new life of purpose

Beyond a crashing surf

Grinding you into a lifeless mass of sand

Freeing one’s self

Repositioning your life

Riding the swell

Carried by the crest

Letting it work for you

Not pound you into the sand

Free to be in control

Moving beyond the negative

Riding your wave of life

To vision and destiny

Winslow Homer - Bringing in the Catch.JPG

Paintings: All is Lost : Dwight L. Roth

Winslow Homer Restoration – The Herring Net : Dwight L. Roth

33 thoughts on “Rising Above the Grind

    • Yes they are both my paintings. The second one is a painting that came in at the habitat restore that was old and damaged. I washed it of and took it home and repainted it as it was originally. It was a canvas board copy.

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      • were they oil paintings? they are really very impressive! I am not artistic at all but appreciate art. images have a huge effect on my thinking process. images of the sea have a special place in my heart. really loved these Dwight, you are really talented.

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  1. Beautiful post Dwight. That you are such an excellent painter came as news.
    I do love the colours and the athmosphere you convey.
    Your poem is good too and the two art forms harmonise.

    ” Riding your wave of life / to vision and destiny.”


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    • Thank you Miriam. I dabble in a lot of different things and enjoy them all. I am still trying to get the painting thing right. I am never quite satisfied with some of my things I try to paint, so I recycle them and do another one.

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    • Thank you Rosaliene. I hear so many folks bogged down in all the junk that comes from the talking heads and living a “woe is me” life! If we turned off the TV and started living what we believe life would be much better!

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