Stacked (Haiku)


Rocks carefully stacked

Withstood one hundred winters

Roots and bushes grow


Walls last a lifetime

Ditches remain // water flows

Still hold back the bank


Corners stacked plumb

Unmoved by ice, rain, or snow

Steps long gone with time


Skilled craftsmen laid stone

with precision and great pride

It outlived them all


Photos are of the stone wall across from the Leckrone Company Store, near Masontown, Pa. It is stacked stone without mortar that has lasted many years. My understanding is that it was the retaining wall in front of the old post office that still sits in overgrown brush on the hillside above the wall.  I took these photos when my two brothers and I visited my home town last weekend. We went back to remember, and dig up some bits and pieces of our past life when we were young more than fifty years ago.


15 thoughts on “Stacked (Haiku)

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  2. Lovely captures of this ancient craft Dwight! We call them ‘dry stone walls’ over here, you still see them dividing fields in the Lake District National Park. The skill of building these walls was passed from father to son and today the younger generation continues to build them 🙂

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