One Slip

EER_0788 (2)

Linville Gorge is a favorite hiking spot in the North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains. You can see the cliffs that shadow each side rising high above the trees and falls below. Although there are warning signs telling hikers of the danger of getting to close to the edge, you can see in the photo,  some still do not listen. Several hikers over the years have been drawn to the edge like the beauty of a sirens song, only to make one slip and fall to their death.  I believe there is something in our wild nature of invincibility that tells us we can handle it. It won’t happen to me. Sadly we may only get one chance to find out how wrong we were to believe that.

Standing on the edge

of  natures awesome beauty

One slip ends it all


EER_0796 (2).JPG


No Soft landing here…


Photos: Dwight L. Roth

Poem shared on open link night for d’Verse~ Poetry Pub.  Come join us:


34 thoughts on “One Slip

  1. And, sadly, there are those among us who, upon arriving at their personal Linville Gorge, tempt fate and deny their good judgement, and tumble headlong from the heights. Beautiful photo. Great senryu!

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  2. We were just in Ashville on our way back from the Smokies and the Blue Ridge Mountains looked so alluring. I am putting Linville Gorge into my journal for our future travels.
    I hear you about traversing that fine line and the point of no return. It is a sombre thought, well articulated.

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  3. I must confess guilt in ignoring a lot of the signs while hiking in North Carolina. You’re right though, it’s so beautiful it’s hard to help myself. Although that was also a long time ago, I’m a little more “mortal conscious” as I get older 🙂

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