59 Dodge Classic

57 Dodge (2).jpg

While waiting at the red light this evening, I saw this beautiful 59 Dodge pull up beside me. I had to get a photo of this immaculately clean restoration. I have not seen one of these cars in over fifty years. It appeared to be restored to its original detail.

Summer evening drive

1959 Dodge hardtop

Fine restoration


57 Dodge 3.jpg

iPhone Photo: Dwight L. Roth

One of my blogger friends noted that the car is a 59 model not a 57!  I went back and checked and the 59 model had the grills on the fin and the color that matched. The one I saw had cream instead of white on the body.

19 thoughts on “59 Dodge Classic

  1. Beautiful cars and you managed to get such perfect photos for us.

    This summer I visited a couple up among the forests in Sweden. Their passion was Classic American cars. They showed us their collection and the
    museum they made of all articles of the era. Bars, music, mannequins in clothing of the time. So much more. It was stunning.

    In a small coastal town there is a big fiesta every summer and the roads are closed to all but these vintage cars from all over. Quite stunning. 😊 .
    If you approve I will send them your photo.


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  2. Your haibun is a fine tribute, Dwight.
    That car is beautiful. Shortly after I moved to Missouri, I saw the same car in baby blue and white, with a bubble light on the roof and the Missouri State Highway Patrol logo on its door. It was on a trailer being pulled by a Highway Patrol SUV. I stopped to talk to the State Trooper who was driving. They keep it here in the State capital, and he gets to drive it to different parts of the state for events. Poor guy. 😉

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