When I think of morning, I think of Cat Stevens’ masterpiece, Morning Has Broken, which he recorded during his rise in popularity many years ago. It has become a hymn sung in many churches and never seems to grow old. His worshipful praise for the magnificence of the new day dawning is unparalleled.

More often, when I think of mornings I think of waking up slowly to the smell of coffee perking. Since I am a night person, it seems to take a while for me to get motivated in the morning. Breakfast cereal and a glass of orange juice will see me through to lunch time. I like my orange juice as much as I do my half a pot of coffee that I drink while watching the morning news.

Morning has broken

Fall sunshine streams through my pane

Orange juice makes me smile


Video Clip from Youtube

Mish at d’verse asked us to write a Haibun (consisting of a short prose and a Haiku) describing our morning. The song above has long been a favorite of mine so I included it as well.

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38 thoughts on “Morning

  1. If someone were to take a photo of me in the morning, I think I would appear much as the bird in your photo … rumpled and grouchy!! He’s probably already hear the morning news …..

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  2. I’m a Cat Stevens fan and ‘Morning has Broken’ reminds me of school assemblies – it’s a hymn we used to sing when we were children, which is where Cat Stevens first learned it. It’s a poem by Eleanor Farjeon. She was commissioned to write the words in 1931 by a local vicar. who was compiling a new edition of the hymnbook Songs of Praise, and it was sung to a traditional Gaelic tune. I love how you’ve taken the opening line and made it your own in the haiku, Dwight.

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